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The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

is comprised of 11 Audlem residents. 3 are members of Audlem Parish Council and the rest are made up of volunteers. For a list of names and contact details Click Here.

Take Part

The Steering Committed and the Plan are driven by the views expressed by Audlem Residents.

For the project to succeed we need everyone to know what's going on, to know what we're proposing, to know how to express their views and to engage with the project and tell us what they think.

The Steering committee is not a closed shop. All of our regular meetings are Open To All. If you would like to be involved in the regular meetings, and assisting on one of the working groups to develop the plan, contact us.

We need people to help us spread the message: to promote the web site, to talk to their neighbours about the project, and, on occasion, to help distribute leaflets or collect questionnaires. If you would like to help out as volunteer, contact us.

We need to know what people want for the future of the village — especially when it comes to housing — and what they don't want.

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