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What is Neighbourhood Planning?

The Development Plan for Cheshire East Council is formed by a suite of planning documents, the backbone of which is the Local Plan Strategy. Positioning the Audlem Neighbourhood Plan in respect of CEC's Local Plan Strategy, (which was submitted for Examination in 2014), has been difficult as its' approval was delayed by the This was originally submitted for Examination in 2014. has been difficult as its' approval was delayed by the Inspector's decision that certain elements required revisiting, including the overall housing figures. The revised document was not finalised until summer 2015 and the examination of the Plan cannot be resumed until later in 2015.

If the Inspector finds the plan sound, and any modifications necessary are made, the Plan can then be adopted by Cheshire East Council. Work will then need to continue on the Local Plan Site Allocations and Development Policies Document, which will allocate remaining sites for future development and provide detailed policies to be used when considering planning applications for new development across the Borough.

This document forms the strategic framework within which all other future planning documents should be created; it establishes the Council's key strategic aims on overall housing and employment need for the Borough, infrastructure, key development sites and high level policies.
The next stage of work on the Development Plan is to consider the non-strategic and detailed planning issues that shape the built and natural environment across the Borough.

There are two mechanisms to address these issues, which are collectively being referred to as Residents First Planning, they are:

  • Site Allocations and Development Policies Document
  • Neighbourhood Plans

    The two are not mutually exclusive in that some of the future policies within the Site Allocations Document will apply across the whole Borough, including to those areas that eventually adopt a neighbourhood plan. However the key difference is that the Site Allocations document will be prepared by CEC in co-operation with Town and Parish Councils, whereas neighbourhood plans will be prepared by Town and Parish Councils with support from Cheshire East Council.

    A Neighbourhood Plan is a Statutory Planning Document which means that planners must take account of it in the planning decisions.
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